Curriculum for our Kindergarten through 8th Grades

Our goal is to get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses academically so we can tailor their instruction to meet their needs.  For new students, a brief informal assessment is conducted.  If a child excels in a specific subject, we will consider moving that child up a grade level for that subject.  If a child needs remediation in a specific subject, we will consider moving that child down a grade level for that subject.  Our goal is to provide instruction at a level each child can understand and move forward successfully.

Project-based learning is integrated throughout our curriculum, and we provide two project-based instruction classes weekly as part of our enrichment program.  Project-based learning gives students opportunities to build 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and the use of technology, which will serve them well in the workplace and life. While some projects border on busy work for some teachers and schools, our student projects involve meaningful learning that engages students’ minds.

Special Education – We accept students with 504 plans, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or Individual Service Plans (ISPs).  Because we are a small academy, we can easily provide modifications and incorporate strategies recommended for most 540 plans, IEPs and ISPs.  A review of the 54o plan, IEP, or ISP will be done prior to enrollment to be sure we can meet all accommodations.  We will work closely with  local school system for re-evaluations, meetings, etc.

Bible/chapel – We meet every morning before we start our day as a student body to sing a praise and worship song, read from the Bible verse by verse, hear a short lesson about what we read, and we pray. We pray different student each day, and on Fridays, we have group prayer where everyone prays as they feel led by the Holy Spirit.  We pray for all kinds of things – grandparents, boo boos, allergies,  for our families, for pets, and for each other. The list is endless, and our students know we can go to God at any time to pray for anything.  We have seen the power of prayer and faith in our school and student body!  We have some awesome prayer warriors!! We end chapel with a daily pledge and the pledge of the allegiance.

Math – We use Saxon Math to teach our students 1st grade and up.  Saxon Math teaches a concept, offers a brief practice of thr new concept taught, but then offers a mixed practice which reviews problems and concepts previously taught.  We call this the “spiral effect”, and we love it!  Gone are the days of learning a concept, being tested on it and not seeing it until it is covered again the next year in math.

We also incorporate a variety of manipulatives and hands-on activities to teach concepts and review them.  Some consumable workbooks are used, but in an effort to avoid a barrage of worksheets, we use manipulatives, technology, games, and project-based instruction to meet the needs of the auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learners in our classes.

In Kindergarten, we use BJU Press for math. We love the scope and sequence of this curriculum for our Kindergartners, the colors and attractiveness of the book which keeps young students interested, and we like the use of manipulates throughout.

Reading and Writing – Reading and writing curriculum is phonics-based for Kindergarten and first grade.  We use the Abeka curriculum to teach our students to read.  As students become fluent readers and have a longer attention span, usually at the start of the second grade or third grade,  students will begin Reading and Writing Workshop.  Through the Reading and Writing Workshop, students learn a variety of literary concepts to strengthen and develop a love for reading and writing. Elements of the writers’ craft are taught along with genre and grammar.


Science – We use science curriculum written by Dr. Jay Wile.  This curriculum is Biblically-based and provided a hands on demonstration or experiment with every lesson.  It is comprehensive, hands-on, and we love it!!

Social Studies – We use BiblioPlan written by Julia and Rob Nalle.   This classical curriculum is broken into four years and gives our students a more comprehensive knowledge of what was happening around the world during each time period.  Our students learn geography and are very familiar with locations on a map using this curriculum.

Spelling and Word Study – We use Abeka spelling for grades 1st through 3rd.  In grades 4th and up, we use Wordly Wise for word study.

Curriculum for our 9th and 10th grades

We offer semester classes and full year classes to provide our high school students with enough credits each academic year to graduate.  Students in the 8th grade who have consistently exhibited good test scores and by teacher recommendation may be given the opportunity to take 9th grade classes.  Please contact Joyce Parr 434-842-2222 or 434-806-2903 or via email through our “contact us” tab for more information about the courses offered this school year.  The high school program is starting it’s second year and has doubled it’s enrollment.  We are excited to see how God will grow this program!