Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located at 479 Cunningham Rd, Palmyra, VA 22963.

What are your school hours?

School begins at 8:10 a.m. and dismisses at 3:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to arrive at least by 8:00 a.m. so they can get their things ready for chapel and socialize with friends.

Who is on your staff?

Please look under the “Staff” tab which is under the  “About Us” tab on the home page.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, we do. You can find more information about financial assistance, requirements for receiving financial assistance, and other related information under the “Admissions” tab on our home page.

Do you accept children with IEPs, ISPs, and 504 plans?

Yes, we do. You can find more information under our “About Us” tab on our home page.

How do you work with students who have certain types of food allergies, etc.?

All students with food and other allergies are welcome at The Light Academy. We strive to make sure each student is safe, but at the same time doesn’t feel singled out because of his/her allergy.  Sharing food during regular lunch or snack times is prohibited.

Are you accredited?

We are not yet accredited. We actively working to start the accreditation process soon.  Mrs. Parr’s background in public education included a very active role in the accreditation renewal process for one of the schools for which she was an administrator.  Our goal is to start the accreditation process soon.

What is your policy regarding inclement weather closures and delays?

Each weather related forecast, storm, etc. is uniquely different. Two factors we will consider before determining closure is the probability of inclement weather and road conditions. For weather that hasn’t yet arrived, we will make a common sense decision based on the forecast and the overall safety of the staff and students. After we have received bad weather, we will take into consideration what the local public school system has decided. We don’t necessarily follow every decision they make regarding inclement weather, but we do recognize they have personnel who check roads, and we do not.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to make common sense decisions about road conditions in and around their route or location. We are more than willing to work with parents /guardians in regards to excused absences and make-up work if road conditions for transportation to school are not safe. It is our goal to protect instructional time and be safe.

Do you have a hot lunch program?

In our new location, we are getting our kitchen ready in order to serve hot lunches. In the meantime, students pack their lunch, and they have the opportunity to order slices of pizza from Papa John’s once a week.  We do sell snacks, bottled water, and ice cream.

What is your dress code for students?

We require students to dress comfortably and modestly. Because our instructional approach is somewhat different, students will be moving around, constructing things, etc. and clothing should fit in a way that doesn’t inhibit their learning or distract others from learning. There are no school uniforms. We do require students to have a school t-shirt to wear for community service projects, performances, field trips, etc.

What is your tuition for day students?

Our tuition is $4,050 which can be paid in full or spread over 9 monthly installments of $450.00. We offer a sibling discount of 20% off of the tuition for the second, third, fourth  . . . child(ren) enrolled. Families who pay for tuition in full by the first week of school receive a 4% discount off of the total tuition amount.

We also offer an early bird discount for enrolling by the last day of school.

How is your home school cooperative organized?

Our goal is to share resources, space, and provide support. We thrive on creativity and “out of the box” thinking! We would love for home school students to have opportunities to participate with our day students in the afternoons with project -based instruction, community projects, life skills classes, field trips, etc.

Additional information is listed under the “Home School Cooperative” tab.

What does a typical day look like in our day school?

When children enter school, they gather in the multipurpose room to socialize. Students are dismissed at 8:00 a.m. to go to their homeroom to get ready for their day.  We have chapel daily and start our day with a Christian contemporary or praise song, reading scripture, prayer, announcements, and the pledge.  Students are dismissed to go to their morning classes.

Depending on the instructional approach for that day’s lesson, students could be spread out working with manipulatives, on the computers working on their writing projects or publishing their writing, reading independently, working with a partner or in a small group, working on independent work, or receiving instruction.

We know that when students are interested, motivated, and engaged, they retain concepts better.  Being aware that all students learn differently, we strive to meet the needs of students who are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners with lessons that are engaging.

After lunch, students will have recess daily.  We believe it’s good for children to be active outdoors, burn some energy, and socialize with friends, etc.  Students who have had an opportunity to expend some energy focus better in the afternoon classes.

In the afternoons we have science,  history and our enrichment classes – art, music, physical education,  project-based instruction,  Spanish, and technology.  In our afternoon classes we construct, use the Internet, and various resources to have “hands-on” learning. Through project-based instruction, students learn to negotiate, to be a team member, to collaborate, and to come to a consensus. They learn to solve problems, to think independently, and to look out for others on their team.

On Fridays after recess, we do Shining Light activities.  These activities vary week to week and include community service, special speakers, cooking, orienteering, painting, trips to the library, and learning a life skill, etc.

How much homework does a student at The Light Academy have nightly?  Other than practicing reading decoding skills for our Kindergartners, reviewing addition and multiplication facts, and reading nightly for enjoyment, we do not assign homework.  It is our philosophy students should be kids who play, socialize, and have positive interactions with their parents in the evenings.  There aren’t many adults that like to work all day and take work home, and we feel this is true for students.  Happy students who get a chance to be kids after school are better students when they are in school.

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