Parents’ Day Out! Sat., Dec. 13

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Need a chunk of time kid free to do some Christmas shopping, wrap gifts, or even catch up with a significant other or good friend for some down time during the busy Christmas season? Send your children (4 years old  and up) to The Light Academy for a day filled with fun activities.  Options:

  • 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – $25.00/first child –  includes breakfast and lunch ($10.00 for each additional sibling)
  • 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. – $25.00/first child –  includes snack and dinner ($10.00 for each additional sibling)
  • 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. – $40.00/first child –  includes all snacks and meals ($15.00 for each additional sibling)

Activities include several crafts including making a couple of Christmas gifts, painting art projects, educational computer games, video games,  story time, reading time, exercise/dancing, a fun digital presentation project, games, and much more! 

To register, please complete the online form below.  Payment can be made at the time of drop-off  (checks should be made to  The Light Academy) or you can make a payment via Paypal, contact Joyce Parr or 434-806-2903.

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 If using Paypal, please use the following link  and make payment to .

Artwork on display at the Fluvanna County Library!

Who says sand can’t be blue or giraffes can’t be green?!  You will never hear that from our awesome art teacher, Mrs. Landow!  When you  visit the Fluvanna County Public Library, be sure to check out her artwork on display in the meeting rooms!

Athletic Dance with Angell’s Fitness and Dance Studio!

Starting Monday, September 22, Ms. Angell will be offering Athletic Dance for all students and home school students in the community from 3:00-3:45 p.m.  For more information about this wonderful opportunity, class schedule, and cost, contact Ms. Angell or 591-1199. Registration forms are also available at The Light Academy.

Guitar, Percussion, and Piano Lessons!

Announcing guitar, percussion, and piano lessons are now being offered at The Light Academy after school  by our very own music teacher, Curtis Partusch!  Mr. Partusch is a graduate of the Shenandoah Conservatory, and we highly recommend him! For more information about music lessons, please contact Curtis 434-326-8810.

2014-2015 Supply List

The Light Academy 2014-2015 School Supply List is now available using the following link:

supply list 2014

2014-2015 Calendar

School starts on Thursday, August 14! Check out our 2014-2015 calendar!

2014-2015 Light Academy Calendar website pdf


Announcing our location!

The Light Academy has received their Special Use Permit and is excited to announce their location at 6 Centre Court, Palmyra, VA 22963 which is located next to the Dogwood Restaurant and Angell’s Dance Studio!

Meet The Light Academy’s staff!

We are excited to announce additional Light Academy staff!  We are in the process of filling a few more positions, but we are happy to announce the following teachers: Donna Hanson – Academic Teacher, Teri Landow – Art Teacher,  Sally Barstow – French Teacher, and Amee Cantagallo – Technology Teacher.  Take a moment to check out the staff bios under the “Staff” tab which is under the “About Us” tab! Find out more about the Light Academy’s Staff  <—-

Parent Information Meetings Scheduled!

Parents are invited to a parent information meeting at  the Fluvanna County Public Library on Tuesday, July 15 at 7:00 p.m. or Tuesday, July 29 at 7:00 p.m. See samples of our curriculum, learn about our scope and sequence, see a project-based instruction lesson demonstration, and learn more about The Light Academy and what it has to offer for your family!

“Shining Light” Fridays!

In addition to our regularly scheduled enrichment  activities such as art, chapel, foreign language, music, swimming, and technology, Friday afternoons are reserved for our life skills  and “Shining Light” activities. We take field trips, have special speakers, do community service projects, learn how to change a tire, sew a button, and cook. Monthly, we visit a local nursing home to sing, paint fingernails, play games, and share time with the residents.

Below are some clips of what we have done during our Shining Light Fridays and during our daily classes! Enjoy!

We’re learning to be the light! During our Valentines’ party today, students took a few moments to discuss and decide what gifts they wanted to buy through World Vision with their money. They had $75, and decided to buy two chickens for $25, five ducks for $35, and the remaining $15 went towards the option “where most needed.”

Our Shining Light Friday activity this week and last week was a meal planning project! After a brief discussion about what protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, etc. makes a balanced meal, student searched for recipes and planned a meal. After making their “shopping list,” we went to our local Food Lion to research prices for our ingredients. We’ll finish up next week with each group sharing their meals with nutritional values and the cost of their meals.

The Light Academy celebrated our 100th day of school on Friday! We made dodecahedrons (a 3 dimensional polyhedron with 12 flat faces : ). Below are a few pictures of some of their sides. It was also a great day to take our “new to us” bus to the park for recess before heading to the library where Ms. Jennifer told us about the events that transpired a hundred years ago on the same day! We learned that a loaf of bread was 7 cents, a quart of milk was 7 cents, and if you made $5,000 a hundred years ago, you were pretty rich! We then headed to the nursing home for our monthly trip there to sing and visit with our friends! We love, love, love these kids and seeing the love they show to others!

God has blessed The Light Academy with a great 21 passenger bus! We are so grateful and excited to take our first trip in it this week!!

Students learned some cooking basics at this week’s Shining Light Friday! Breakfast was the theme – we made syrup, waffles, pancakes, hot chocolate, and we even used the microwave to make scrambled eggs!

Mrs. Landow taught the students about an Austrian artist by the name of Friedensreich Hundertwasser who was known for his work with contrasting warm and cool colors. This week’s lesson was the first of three to complete their Hundertwasser piece!

We’ve made lots of fun things for our parents for Christmas! Ssshh! Don’t tell them!

Learning to be the light!!

What a wonderful blessed night celebrating Jesus’ birth!! A band performance, “Sleigh Bells” with cups, songs in French, a simple scripture reading of the Christmas story from the books of Matthew and Luke which was sweet and warmed our hearts, “Happy Birthday Jesus” with sign language, and a fun and cute finale of “Jingle Bell Rock” with smoke and lights!! We had fun fellowship with our school community! We are so blessed!

We had a wonderful time at Envoy Nursing Home for our Shining Light Friday activity! Going to visit the residents is one of our favorite things to do each month! We made Christmas ornaments with the residents and sang Christmas songs for them and with them! Lower elementary students rocked out to “Jingle Bell Rock” and signed “Happy Birthday Jesus” while the upper elementary and middle school students also sang “Sleigh Bells” and several other carols.

We had an awesome guest speaker today at our Shining Light Friday activity! Navy Lieutenant Mat Cantagallo talked about the many career choices in the military and answered many great questions from the students. He also taught them how to salute correctly!

In September one of our students visited one of the churches in England that the pilgrims had attended. We had the opportunity to Skype with him and take a virtual tour! We saw the large slab used by the pilgrims to board their ship!

We had a great turnout for our Ribbon Cutting! It was an exciting time of celebration! Many in our community were able to meet our students, see our school space,view our students’ art work, view a student created digital presentation, and hear about our programs! Thank you to those who came out to support us, and thank you to our God for this wonderful school!